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Ragnarok Bot

Ragnarok Bot

Openkore bot is simply the Best bot atm, then again if your server have anti cheat / harmony and such don't mind downloading this. Those who are still interested give it a try, i have added some few changes to the bot.

It tele search monsters and kill them, much faster and better than normal bot that just walk randomly.
On log-in it automatically type @loot command, just change it depending on what you want to loot.
Auto use skill such as Archer Class Double Strafe in farming Yggdrasil berry and Seed.

This bot is optimize for farming ygg  seed, ygg berry and gold.
If you want it for leveling purpose you need to change some option.

I use this bot on LegitimateRO server site is : Click Me.


Official OpenKore Page


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