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Make your Own Macro

Note to readers, im not good at english but i did my best to make it understandable. If you have questions please feel free to comment it or post on chatbox.

What is Macro?
     A simple definition, it is a keyboard / mouse manipulation software.

How could this be an advantage to RO?
    It makes spamming easy with 1 press of a button.

Download: Click Me

Make your own macro.

1. Download and install autohotkey.
2. After installing, go to your My documents and look for autohotkey.ahk
3. Right click and "Edit Script"
4. Erase everything inside and we will make our own macro script.

This is a sample Macro script. Its function is to spam F1 and left mouse click every time you hold F1.

    if not GetKeyState("f1", "P")
    Send {f1}
sleep 10

5. Copy the Code above paste it then save.
6. Go to your taskbar notification icons, Look for  an icon that looks like a "A". Right click and Reload Script.
7. Try to hold F1 and See it for your self.

This does not limit to F1 only, you can modify it and add more buttons. Just Change the "f1" on the code to your liking, Just change the color red.

    if not GetKeyState("f1", "P")
    Send {f1}
sleep 10 <-- This is in milliseconds 1000 = 1sec, this is the delay of intervals of spamming

Another sample code that utilize 3 skills, combo of champions. Call spirit > Danger Soul > Call Spirit > Asura

For My Bm i will set

Q= Call Spirit | W = Danger | E = Asura
F1 = to trigger the Macro

    if not GetKeyState("f1", "P")
Send  {q} <--- Call Spirit
sleep 45
Send  {w} <--- Danger
sleep 45
Send {q} <--- Call Spirit
sleep 50
Send {e} <--- Asura
Sleep 50
Click <--- Mouse Click

So every time I press F1 it will automatically Cast 4 skills with mouse click. Having a Sleep on each skill is important because this will serve as the after cast delay between skills. If you remove the sleep, the Macro will press keys too fast that the server cannot cope up with. So finding your best delay time is the key for a faster and successful combo.

A quick method to disable/enable macro:

^space::Suspend  <--- When you press CTRL + Space Bar it will disable / Enable Macro

This would be very useful if ever you made a macro that spams Letters instead of F Keys.
It would be very annoying if you were to chat with someone and letters keep on spamming, So when ever you chat with someone, make it a habit to disable macro.

If you edit something on your macro don't forget to save and reload it, Else it wont work.

To Turn .AHK to .exe simply go to your My documents, Find you're AHK. Right click it and Compile.


Max Greenwood said...

Please tell me, what is right click? I have F1 spam LeftClick like yours, but I want to make one to spam rightclick, how would I do that??
And thanks for the tutorial

venerando dela cruz said...

can u make a script for Star gladiator Runing +Flying side kick with no DC

papaafternoon said...

helo bro im new here, i got some pronblem.

suppose rthe skill are to be

dangerous soul collect>>critic esplosion>>dangerous soul collect>> asura

and i have tried ur scripits, it works, but dont works in RO game. for exampe to check wether it works or not, i click my cursor on the note pad then i press f1,, the automartically its types its self ..... qwqe. its shows that its works, but not in RO. can u tell me how to make is possible in Ro?

papaafternoon said...

and yes, i put the skill on the hot keys qwe, and i enable the battlle mode

Anonymous said...

this does not work on the private server im playnig. it works outside the game.. wews. y o y did it happen

Tinda Han said...

Sir do you have macro keys that will by pass harmony? my OS is windows 7 ultimate. hoe you can help me. thanks

mar cad said...

I have but im not gonna release it for now, i don't want Harmony to patch it up. I remain it private only to those who donated to me, Sorry.

Jerome Vannie Sacdalan said...

is this one really work?

marcad1928 said...

ofc im using this scripts on my macro, thought i doubt they will run on harmony protected servers. i have different scripts to protected server.

Baguss L Mrazz said...

hi, if i going to loop key 3 for skill heal, how i must make it to script??
sorry for my english

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